Alaman Company
Electrical & Mechanical Division

Electrical Works

 Installation of different electrical systems such as: Lighting systems, UPS / battery / battery charger, Power factor correction, Isolation power system, Medium voltage equipment up to 33KV e.g. switchgears, package substation transformer, etc. All low & medium voltage cables including all cable trays, supports, cable ties, cable tagging, etc. Installaion of the power houses using diesel generators high speed, medium speed, gas turbine, steam turbine, medium voltage work up to 33KV.

 Installation of low current systems including: Fire alarm system, Public address system, Fire fighting, Master clock system, Intercom system, Digital recording system, Access control system, Nurse call system, Security recording, Intrusion alarm system, CCTV.

 Medium speed applications 1200 rpm (60 Hz), 1000 rpm (50 Hz).Testing of HV equipment such as: Power cables, Switchgears, Transformers, Including over voltage pressure, hi-pot, Megger, dielectric absorption ratio, CT, oil change and other routine maintenance.

 Supply of LV panel boards including: Load centre panels, Distribution panels, Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS), Synchronizing panels, Fuel control panels, Motor Control systems (MCC), Bus way system for lighting and sockets, Low voltage bus duct with all related accessories, Control panel for fuel transfer systems, water pumps, compressors, etc.

 Supply of MV equipment including: Transformers, Package substations, Switchgears, MV KWHM, RMU's & Measuring equipment such as Megger, Hi-pot, cable detection, cable fault.

Mechanical Works

 Installation work for all mechanical systems.

 A/C systems including central air conditioning using split duct, package chillers and all related works such as ducting, grills, attenuators, piping, etc.

 Fuel, Water systems including all valves, solenoid valves, float switches, level sensors, flow metres.

 Compressors and all accessories such as receivers, dryers, separators.

 Secondary filters & water separators.

 Sound treatment systems including sound attenuators.

 Acoustic louvers, accoustic doors.

 Sound treatment for the power house and all very noisy equipment including installation of sound attenuators and sound treatment linings for the walls.

 Waste water treatment plants.

 Power houses including diesel, gas generating sets, gas turbines, steam turbines including all related mechanical works such as boilers, piping work, heat insulations for the exhaust piping, measuring equipment.

 Production lines for all applications in industrial, petroleum sectors, including all steel frames.

Other related Electromechanical services

 Supply of sound attenuators including design and calculations for different applications such as HVAC, Power houses, compressor rooms, etc.

 Supply of acoustic louvers, acoustic doors including pressure drop calculations & stationary louvers including pressure drop calculations.

 Supply of exhaust mufflers residential and critical for different diesel engines including design and calculations, exhaust stacks for gas and steam turbines systems.

 Installation of assembly lines, compressors, boilers, pumps, LPG.

 Supply of black steel, seamless pipes including all related accessories such as valves, elbows, non return valves, solenoid valves 24 VDC, 110/220 VAC.

 Supply of float switches for different media water, fuel, heavy fuel.

 Supply of level sensing and monitoring for different media water, fuel.

 Supply of flow metres for different media water, fuel, heavy fuel.

 Supply of all measuring equipment such as pressure gauges, temperature sensors, level sensors, level indicators, flow metres, float switches, solenoid valves, humidity, velocity, etc.

 Supply of sound proof enclusures to achieve 75dba for different applications such as generating sets, compressors, switchgears, etc.

 Supply of weather proof enclosures for different applications.

 Supply of tanks for water, fuel, heavy fuel, chemicals cylindrical type, horizontal & vertical and cubical shape for different sizes and for different applications, flat end and dish end, also two layers including pressure test and sand blasting. ISO containerized fuel tanks & ISO containers 20 , 40 feet.

 Supply of trailers for different applications and different loads.