Alaman Company
Power Rental Division

Energy Rental Services

 Provides complete rental services for Optimizing of clients' needs to minimize costs.

 Power & Cooling and distribution applications.

 Mobilization & Demobilization of the complete plant.

 Operation & Maintenance with 24/7 roving team.

 Our Energy Rental Services Division do fleets with high quality equipment using reputable engine models.

 Diesel generating sets with a wide range of capacity (up to 1.5 MW/ unit) and equipped to work in parallel (synchronized). The unit operating specifications are flexible to satisfy all requirements of the customer as it can be adjusted for the voltage selection, frequency (speed) and operating mode required.

 Weather and Sound proof containers to reduce noise levels(??Db @ 1 m).

 Tanks for fuel, fresh oil, used oil, water and antifreeze. Capacity ranging from 1,000 to 70,000 prepared to feed up to 10 gen-sets.

 Bus bar panels, Manual transfer switches, Automatic transfer switches, Distribution panels, Power cables and other related accessories.

 Step–up transformers from 380 V to 11/13.8KV , 33 KV , 50/60hz.

 M.V. Switchgears including KWHM. It is flexible to suit the different sites arrangement.